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Party Lawn

“Where Moments Blossom into Memories”

Welcome to an exquisite venue nestled in the heart of Agra, the city of love and home to the iconic Taj Mahal. At NEO Club, we understand that your wedding day is not just an event, it's a lifelong dream, a chapter in your love story that deserves to be written against a backdrop of unparalleled beauty.

Spacious Venue with Ample Parking Space

A sprawling venue thoughtfully designed to host gatherings of up to 800 people. We ensure that your event can unfold gracefully without the constraints of overcrowding. It's a canvas where your dreams can take shape, where your guests can move freely, and where the grandeur of your celebration can be fully realized.

Premium All-in-one Package for Marriage Functions

Experience the epitome of convenience and luxury with our Premium All-in-One Wedding Package. Now, no need to worry about decoration, makeup, photography, etc.; leave all this to us.

  • Bridal makeup with professional makeup artists
  • Comfortable and well-appointed rooms for your guests
  • Talented photographers to freeze those priceless memories in time
  • Traditional haldi and mehndi ceremonies

It’s more than a package; it’s a promise of a seamless, unforgettable celebration where you can savor every moment without a worry, as we take care of every detail to perfection.


A Picturesque Setting

Our marriage lawn is a canvas of natural beauty, carefully landscaped to provide a stunning setting for your wedding day. With the Taj Mahal standing tall in the distance, your celebration will be framed by one of the world’s most breathtaking monuments, ensuring that every moment is captured in an aura of romance and grandeur.

Tailored to Perfection

At NEO Club, we believe that every love story is unique, and your wedding should reflect your individuality. Our dedicated team of event planners works closely with you to understand your vision, ensuring that every detail, from the decor to the cuisine, is tailored to perfection.

Culinary Delights

Agra is renowned for its rich culinary heritage, and our experienced chefs take pride in presenting a diverse and delectable menu that pays homage to the city’s flavors. From traditional Indian delicacies to international cuisines, we promise to tantalize your taste buds and leave your guests raving about the culinary experience.

Modern Amenities

Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with the latest technology and amenities to make your wedding day seamless and stress-free. Our team of seasoned professionals, including event coordinators and planners, are dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of your wedding is executed flawlessly.

Marriage lawns in Agra typically offer a diverse range of food options to cater to different tastes and preferences. The cuisine served can vary from traditional Indian dishes to international fare.

Best-in-class Culinary and Catering Service

A culinary and catering experience like no other at our marriage lawn, where our Best-in-Class Culinary and Catering Service sets the stage for a feast to remember. Our talented chefs craft a symphony of flavors, presenting an array of Indian, Chinese, and Italian starters and main course dishes. Whether you’re a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, our menu caters to every palate, ensuring everyone’s cravings are satisfied.

In winter, get the warmth of a Punjabi feast with Makki ki Roti and Sarso ka Saag, or transport your guests to the royal palaces of Rajasthan with an exquisite Rajasthani menu. Elevate your celebration with these delightful add-ons and make it an unforgettable culinary experience complementing your special day.

Facility for Small Events and Gatherings

Beyond hosting magnificent marriage events, NEO Club’s versatile party lawn offers the perfect space for intimate gatherings. Whether you’re celebrating birthdays, cherishing roka and ring ceremonies, or indulging in delightful kitty parties, our elegant venue provides a welcoming and adaptable canvas for all your special occasions.

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