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Bar & Disco Theque

“Groove, Sip, and Shine: Unleash the Night at NEO CLUB AGRA!”

Unwind and let loose to the infectious disco beats at NEO Club's vibrant Bar & DiscoTheque. Here, we've created a haven for you to savor your favorite drinks while grooving to the rhythm of your heart. Our bar boasts an impressive array of both Indian and imported brands, ensuring that your night is as diverse and thrilling as the music that fills the air. Come join us for a night of fun, where memories are made and spirits soar!

Premium Bar With A Huge Variety Of Drinks

Our bar is a treasure trove of delight, boasting an extensive selection of premium Indian and imported spirits, handcrafted cocktails, and refreshing mocktails that are expertly crafted by our skilled mixologists. Whether you prefer the timeless classics or crave innovative concoctions, we have a libation to suit every mood and preference. Elevate your experience with every sip and toast to unforgettable nights at our Bar & Disco Theque.

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Themed Decor and Lively Theme Nights

Prepare for an extraordinary nightlife adventure as our Bar & Disco Theque hosts an array of themed nights that ignite the dance floor with exhilaration. From nostalgia-inducing retro parties that transport you back in time to enigmatic masquerade galas that inspire intrigue, each themed night adds an extra layer of excitement to your experience.

Special Events and Private Parties

At our Bar & Disco Theque, the excitement never stops. We’re not just your everyday nightlife destination; we thrive on hosting special events, parties, and memorable celebrations that infuse an extra dose of excitement into our regular lineup. Moreover, you can take the spotlight by booking our space for private events, crafting a unique and unforgettable experience tailored to your preferences. Let us be the canvas for your celebrations, ensuring they shine brightly and linger in your memories forever.

DJ And Light Show

Welcome to the heart of the action, where the night truly comes alive. Our expansive dance floor is the enchanted stage where magic unfurls. It’s your canvas to let loose, where the rhythm of your heart merges seamlessly with the hottest beats, propelling you to dance the night away.

Fueling this euphoria are world-class DJs who craft electrifying playlists, ensuring that the music never skips a beat, and the energy remains sky-high. Groove under a dazzling light show that transforms the dance floor into a mesmerizing visual spectacle. It’s a night where sound and light unite to create an unforgettable symphony for your senses.

Where every flavor tells a story.

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