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Activity Room

“NEO Club Activity Center: Where Fun Finds its Place!”

Welcome to the heart of joy and leisure within NEO Club – our recreational activity room is a haven where laughter, relaxation, and carefree moments take center stage. Whether you’re seeking fun-filled adventures with friends or a peaceful solo retreat, this space is tailored for your enjoyment.

Best Spot For Kids And Get Together With Friends

Our recreational activity room is a delightful space designed for the diverse interests of our members. Whether you’re a youth seeking exciting adventures or a family looking for quality time together, our room welcomes you. Here, kids can have a fun time, and for those planning reunions with school-time friends, the overall vibe is truly unmatched.

Availability of Table-based Games

We offer several table-based games to keep you entertained and engaged. From table tennis, chess, and carrom board to billiards and snooker, everything is available here. Moreover, you can enjoy leisure time with your friends by playing poker, rummy and lot many games with cards. Join us in the recreational activity room for endless entertainment and memorable moments suitable for all.

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