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Multi Cuisine Restaurant

“Flavors Unite, Memories Delight: Where Every Bite is a Global Journey!”

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Step inside and discover a world where your palate is treated to a symphony of exquisite flavors, where every bite is a journey to a far-off land. NEO Club's Multi-cuisine Restaurant, where elegance meets flavor, and celebrations are seasoned with the finest ingredients and impeccable service. Your table is set; your culinary adventure awaits!

Culinary Diverse Lip-Smacking Food

Have an amazing experience of a variety of flavors at the same place. From vibrant and spicy Indian cuisine —- velvety and rich butter chicken, a list-long variety of paneer and vegetarian curries and bread, soothing flavor of Italian pasta, various pizzas, bold and tangy notes of Chinese cuisine, everything is here for your palate. And, to truly enchant your taste buds, be sure not to miss out on savoring the exquisite and authentic delicacies straight from the heart of Agra.

Private Dining Space with Live Music

For those who yearn for an exclusive dining affair, our private dining options are tailor-made to suit your individual tastes and special occasions. Elevate your evenings with the dulcet sounds of live music and captivating entertainment, transforming your dining experience into an elegant event filled with sophistication and charm.

Experienced Staff

Our team’s extensive knowledge of cuisines and their deep commitment to creating memorable moments means you can trust us to guide you through an extraordinary culinary journey. We believe in giving grand hospitality as it’s a tradition of Agra that is upheld by our seasoned professionals who make every visit truly remarkable.

Elegant And Comfortable Ambiance

Bathed in soft, inviting hues, our restaurant exudes an ambiance that is both intimate and grand. The warm, gentle glow of ambient lighting dances on polished surfaces, setting the stage for unforgettable moments. Whether you’re seeking a romantic dinner for two, a lively family gathering, or a celebratory feast, our restaurant’s ambiance provides the perfect backdrop.

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