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All-weather Swimming Pool

“Dive into Every Season: Your All-Weather Aquatic Escape!”

Dive into year-round fun at NEO Club‘s All-Weather Pool! Enjoy cool relaxation and exciting aquatic adventures. No need to wait for summer, join us for a swim that’s always in season with fantastic discounts, and let the good times flow.

Year-round Availability

Our all-weather swimming pool is open throughout the year where you can enjoy aquatic activities irrespective of any season. Moreover, we have ample space for lap swimming and group activities.

Temperature Control

An advanced temperature control system is installed in our all-weather swimming pool that makes sure that you get a comfortable aquatic adventure anytime without caring about the weather outside.

Hygienic and Kids-friendly

We make sure to maintain hygiene in the pool, so the water in the pool is changed regularly. Our pool is kids friendly as there is a shallow pool for kids.

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